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Modular Array Structure for Non-Restoring Square Root Circuit


Square root is an operation performed by the hardware in recent generations of processors. The hardware implementation of the square root operation is achieved by different means. One of the popular methods is the non-restoring algorithm. In this paper, the classical non-restoring array structure is improved in order to simplify the circuit. This reduction is done by eliminating a number of circuit elements without any loss in the precision of the square root or the remainder. For a 64-bit non-restoring circuit the area of the suggested circuit is about 44% smaller than that of a conventional non-restoring array circuit. Furthermore, in order to create an environment for modular design of the non-restoring square root circuit, a number of modules are suggested. Using these modules it is possible to construct any square root circuit with an arbitrary number of input bits. The suggested methodology results in an expandable design with reduced-area. Analytical and simulation results show that the delay of the proposed circuit, for a 64-bit radicand, is 80% less than that of a conventional non-restoring array circuit.

October, 2008



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Journal Papers

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