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Conference Papers
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Acceleration of Floating Point Addition by Pipeling February 2004
A New Security Model for Web Based Application September 2006
A TESLA-Based Authentication Protocol for Sensor Networks September 2007
A New Authentication Protocol for GSM Networks September 2007
A New Solution to Channel Assignment in Multi-Channel Wireless Network Base on 802.11 April 2008
The Role of Secure Token in the Development of Electronic Government September 2008
A Cluster-based Key Establishment Protocol for Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks April 2008
A New Solution to Improve WTLS Protocol”, 5th International Cryptography Conference September 2008
An Efficient Authentication Protocol for Heterogonous Ad Hoc-WLAN Networks September 2008
A Distributed Certificate Authority and Key Establishment Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks February 2008
A Symmetric-Based Authentication and Key Management for Hierarchical Ad hoc Sensor Networks September 2008
Reducing Delay in Decryption Block in Rijdeal Algorithm March 2008
Resistant TIK-Based endairA against the Tunneling Attack February 2008
Tunneling Attack Prevention in endairA February 2009
An Efficient Authentication and Key Management Protocol for Hierarchical Ad hoc Sensor Networks April 2009
A new mutual authentication protocol for GSM networks May 2009
A New Key Establishment Protocol for Limited Resource Wireless Sensor Networks May 2010
Journal Papers
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Implementation of Rijndeal Algorithm Based on Multi-Beat Architecture September 2008
Modular Array Structure for Non-Restoring Square Root Circuit October 2008
ATESLA-Based Mutual Authentication Protocol forGSM Networks December 2008