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Journal Papers
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Node cooperation for workload offloading in a fog computing network via multi-objective optimization April 2022
ITL-IDS: Incremental Transfer Learning for Intrusion Detection Systems May 2022
Lagrangian Cooperation (LC): A Fog Node Cooperation Algorithm for Smart Cities February 2021
A Graph-based Online Feature Selection to Improve Detection of New Attacks. March 2021
A real-time alert correlation method based on code-books for intrusion detection systems Fall 2020
TGSM: Towards Trustworthy Group-based Service Management for Social IoT Fall 2020
Shortest Path Computation in a Network with Multiple Destinations Spring 2020
Ingredients to enhance the performance of two-stage TCAM-based packet classifiers in internet of things: greedy layering, bit auctioning and range encoding Fall 2019
A novel online state-based anomaly detection system for process control networks Fall 2019
Classification of encrypted traffic for applications based on statistical features Fall 2018
An analytical model for delay bound of OpenFlow based SDN using network calculus Fall 2017
Online assignment of non-SDN virtual network nodes to a physical SDN Fall 2017
An incremental intrusion detection system using a new semi‐supervised stream classification method Fall 2017
A Hybrid Method based on Statistical Features and Packet Content Analysis to Identify Major Network Tunneling Protocols Fall 2016
Increasing the Efficiency of TCAM-based Packet Classifiers using dynamic Cut Technique in Geometric Space Fall 2015
Indoor Scene Recognition Using Local Semantic Concepts Fall 2015
An Efficient End to End Key Establishment Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks January 2014
An Efficient Non-Repudiation Billing Protocol in Heterogeneous 3G-WLAN Networks July 2014
Efficient Workflow Scheduling for Grid Computing Using a Leveled Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm November 2014
A Symmetric Polynomial Based Mutual Authentication Protocol for GSM Networks August 2012
A High Performance and Intrinsically Secure Key Establishment Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks January 2011
An Efficient Symmetric Polynomial based Key Establishment Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks February 2010
Implementation of Rijndeal Algorithm Based on Multi-Beat Architecture September 2008
Modular Array Structure for Non-Restoring Square Root Circuit October 2008
ATESLA-Based Mutual Authentication Protocol forGSM Networks December 2008
Conference Papers
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Using the cuckoo algorithm to optimizing the response time and energy consumption cost of fog nodes by considering collaboration in the fog layer March 2021
Using the artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm in collaboration with the fog nodes in the Internet of Things three-layer architecture October 2021
Enhancing users' quality of experienced with minimum energy consumption by fog nodes cooperation in Internet of Things November 2020
Transfer Learning Based Intrusion Detection April 2018
Increasing the efficiency of TCAM-based packet classifiers using intelligent cut technique in geometric space January 2015
Analytical performance model of virtualized SDNs using network calculus August 2015
Tunneling protocols identification using light packet inspection February 2015
Fast workflow scheduling for grid computing based on a multi-objective Genetic Algorithm August 2013
A Non-Cooperative Game Theory Approach to Optimize Workflow Scheduling in Grid Computing August 2013
An Energy-Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks May 2013
Internet Traffic Classification using MOEA and Online Refinement in Voting on Ensemble methods May 2013
Optimal Supervised Feature Extraction in Internet Traffic Classification August 2013
An Efficient Peer to Peer and Group Key Establishment Protocol for Body Sensor Networks February 2012
An Efficient End to End Key Establishment Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks September 2012
A Symmetric Polynomial Based Mutual Authentication Protocol for GSM Networks April 2010
A Hybrid Key Establishment Protocol for Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks May 2010
A New Key Establishment Protocol for Limited Resource Wireless Sensor Networks May 2010
A Scalable and Efficient Key Establishment Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks December 2010
An Efficient Authentication and Key Management Protocol for Hierarchical Ad hoc Sensor Networks April 2009
A new mutual authentication protocol for GSM networks May 2009
Tunneling Attack Prevention in endairA February 2009
A Cluster-based Key Establishment Protocol for Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks April 2008
An Efficient Authentication Protocol for Heterogonous Ad Hoc-WLAN Networks September 2008
Resistant TIK-Based endairA against the Tunneling Attack February 2008
The Role of Secure Token in the Development of Electronic Government September 2008
A New Solution to Improve WTLS Protocol”, 5th International Cryptography Conference September 2008
A Distributed Certificate Authority and Key Establishment Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks February 2008
A Symmetric-Based Authentication and Key Management for Hierarchical Ad hoc Sensor Networks September 2008
Reducing Delay in Decryption Block in Rijdeal Algorithm March 2008
A New Solution to Channel Assignment in Multi-Channel Wireless Network Base on 802.11 April 2008
A New Authentication Protocol for GSM Networks September 2007
A TESLA-Based Authentication Protocol for Sensor Networks September 2007
A New Security Model for Web Based Application September 2006
Acceleration of Floating Point Addition by Pipeling February 2004
Books Chapter
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Key Establishment Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks June 2012
Invited Talk
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Key management Protocls in Wireless Sensor Netwrks April 2011
Wireless Network Security September 2010
Secure Token Architecture September 2010

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